The Bambu Guest House is a stunning naturally-built center for Permaculture and regenerative living on the shores of  Lake Atitlan. We specialize in small group travel and retreats with a focus on sustainability and regenerative lifestyles including Permaculture, natural building, yoga, meditation, dance, nutrition, holistic health and much more! Join us as a participant or bring a group to study, learn, empower, and become inspired in the natural beauty of the Mayan Heartland.


Shared & Private Rooms

Our shared rooms are bright, spacious and air: anything but the typical shared dorm! Each room has its own full bathroom with hot water in each room, balcony, hammocks, wifi, and amazing views. River sounds and bird song are your soundtrack. Private rooms are also available for those that want a bit more seclusion: hang out on your own balcony and watch the volcano spit fire or enjoy a hot shower and movie in the comfort within. Our Farm-to-Table Restaurant serves 3 meals a day, snacks and drinks to keep you feeling great. Who knew natural could be so beautiful?

        Rooms are bright and airy, filled with natural light and overlooking                                 stunning Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes.

       Rooms are bright and airy, filled with natural light and overlooking                                 stunning Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes.

Groups & Retreats

At the Bambu Guest House, our passion is small group travel and retreats. We can host up to 24 guests in four large shared rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom, hot water, wifi, and balcony with views of the lake and volcanoes. Working closely with Atitlan Organics, the hotel's Farm-to-Table Restaurant features fresh organic food from right next door. We can cater to most any dietary needs and will make sure your group is well nourished. As group leaders ourselves, we know what you're looking for and can provide a level of care you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere!

          You'll feel at ease and well-cared for as a retreat leader or                                                                  participant.

         You'll feel at ease and well-cared for as a retreat leader or                                                                  participant.


In collaboration with Atitlan Organics and other talented facilitators, we're proud to host courses and retreats focused on sustainable, regenerative living. We've always got something interesting and inspiring happening at the Bambu, such as Intro to Permaculture and full Permaculture Design Certification Courses, Natural Building Courses, Yoga retreats and teacher trainings, and more. Check out our full listing of upcoming events below and join us for a transformational experience!



The Farm-to-Table Restaurant serves up delicious and filling plates mainly composed of Atitlan Organics' and other local farm products. Currently, Atitlan Organics supplies all of the milk, salads, cooking greens, honey, coffee, chicken, taro root, pigeon peas, and herbs to the restaurant.  The restaurant is run by three young, local, aspiring chefs named Antonio, Maricela, and Petrona. They are amazing!



Our newly built yoga platform is an amazing space for groups to mingle or just to grab some hammock time. With stunning views of the lake, this space can be used for sunrise yoga practices, as well as for group workshops and meetings. 



Atitlan Organics and the Bambu Guest House specialize in hosting groups and retreats that are inspired to learn and practice creative, regenerative living. The Bambu Guest House really feels like a home, where small groups can settle in to learn about each other and all the amazing things happening nearby. Our friendly staff will help you feel comfortable and catered to so that you and your group are free to focus on what matters to you, whether that be yoga, dance, permaculture, holistic nutrition, or anything else! We're here to help bring your dream to life.