who we are

The Bambu Guest House opened in 2015 to serve as lodging for Atitlan Organics. At the time the farm had people coming from all over the world to visit, work, and study, but nowhere to put them! So we built an eco-guest house based on the principles of permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative living. We created the sort of place we'd love to stay in: natural, beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring.

The Bambu is made from natural, local materials including bamboo, wood, stone, and glass. It can sleep 24 people in four large and bright rooms, each one with its own private bathroom and hot water, balcony, WiFi, and stunning views. Our farm-to-table restaurant prepares three delicious, unique meals a day with fresh produce from Atitlan Organics and other local producers, and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Two common areas--including a yoga deck--give guests space to connect over a meal, movie, board game or one of our daily yoga classes. We've also got a pretty incredible library.



While we do take individual reservations, our main focus is on hosting groups. We regularly hold Introduction to Permaculture, Introduction to Natural Building, and Permaculture Design Certification courses. We also love to collaborate with other retreat leaders! And as we lead groups of our own, we know what retreat leaders are looking for. If you would like to lead a group focused on some area of sustainable or regenerative living, the Bambu Guest House is the place to be. We are happy to help set up your retreat -- just send us an email


Our dream is to be a nexus of regenerative living. 

Join us!